Planning The Office Holiday Party? Let Our Expert Help You To Throw The Perfect Fiesta!

Fall is the time when most companies begin thinking about the need to book events and gatherings for the holiday season. October is generally when holiday party planning is most active, but what if you have never planned an event before and this year, you are the one tasked with planning?  Sometimes it’s hard to even know if you are asking the right questions.  Amira Gertz has been the Director of Catering & Events at Rosa Mexicano for 6 years, and she’s got some advice for anyone who ever has – or never has – planned the office holiday party.

Oh goodness! It’s October already, is it true that I should have booked our holiday party by now?

Yes, but don’t worry – now is the time, especially if you are looking for one specific date or have very specific needs.  Rosa Mexicano is already booked on some prime holiday party dates, but I’d recommend bringing forth a few options that work for your group in case your first choice date is unavailable.  Space is a hot commodity around the holidays make sure the one you want is reserved for you today.           

My boss told me to plan a party, we have 20 guests, what should I do?  Oh, wait, now we have 100.  Help!!

If you are a smaller office, we have so many options for fiesta celebrations. We can work with you to book a small private room and have a custom cocktail party with a live action taco al pastor station, tequila and salt tasting, and passed mini desserts. Or, we could reserve a table together in any of our main dining rooms with a fun sharing menu featuring our best dishes and our open bar packages with our signature cocktails. 

If your holiday celebration has a larger group size, it’s best to first determine what type of party you want to have, how many guests you can expect, and your budget for the event.

What kind of budget would you recommend per person for a holiday party?

A realistic one for your expectations.  When planning a holiday party it is important to be honest about your budget.  If it’s $10 per head or $300 per head, know what you have to work with and explore a wide variety of options to make it work.  Do research.  Don’t assume the restaurant or venue should lower their cost just because you don’t have the budget for their set prices. 

If you want a private room which is much larger than your group size, you may have a higher price per person or a room charge, if you want flowing drinks and custom designed menu items, the cost will be more than your local taco truck. 

The cost also varies by city and type of restaurant, the price at a Michelin starred steakhouse will be more than the authentic Mexican restaurant, which will be more than a catered lunch in the office from the local fast casual restaurant.  If budget constraints prevent you from booking exactly what you would like, consider off-nights, lunch events, team building events without the formal meal, drink tickets or any combination of these to stretch your budget and still deliver a dynamic event. For example, you’ll always get a better price if you book your event on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday night.

You can always eliminate the open hard alcohol package to keep your prices down, and keep your offerings to beer, wine and sangria. When there are 2 great sangria options as well as other delicious choices, your guests won’t miss the cocktails from the bar.

Are drinks included in your holiday party offerings? If not, how’s the best way to make them available?

At Rosa Mexicano we offer 3 great beverage packages at various levels as well as offer consumption bars to all our private event guests at the holidays and year-round.  We can also custom create really exciting beverage experiences with our Agave collection and crafted cocktail program.  From tastings and education to a margarita mash up cocktail competition we can make the beverages a star element of your holiday party. 

To start booking your holiday party or private event, click here. Planning in multiple cities? Have additional questions? Looking to plan the fiesta in your offices? Contact Amira directly via e-mail.